Dewees Island Adventure

7B1A9638Over the weekend I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend two nights on Dewees Island.  Take Bald Head Island, then take away the golf course, restaurant, club house, shops, paved paths, and groomed setting, and you are left with Dewees Island.  While this might not sound like much of endorsement, to someone like myself, it is.

Dewees Island is as natural an island as you will get.  There are no paved road or paths, there is not fancy club house, or five star restaurant, or golf course.  What you will find on Dewees is mile of untouched ground that is a playground to a naturalist, a bird watcher, a nature photographer, or someone just wanting to get away from it all.  It is as much of a bird sanctuary as I have ever seen. 7B1A9709

My trip started out by hopping on a ferry at the Isle of Palms Marina.  From there it is about a 10 minute boat ride to the island.  At arrival a golf cart waited for me and my host for the weekend.  I was quickly greeted and shown the way to my condo, named  Sea Oats.  It was not fancy, but very comfortable.

I settled in and regrouped for few minutes, then grabbed my camera and headed out to catch my first sunset.  A short golf cart trip down the dirt road led to a long dock (can’t remember the name) and an enjoyable walk to the end to catch a beautiful sunset. It did not disappoint.  After sunset I returned to my condo and some night photography.  Here in Charleston there is usually just to much light to shoot the night sky, but on Dewees the stars shined bright.


The next morning came early but was worth getting out of bed before light.  It started by shooting sunrise on the pond and then a boat ride to photograph birds and dolphins. After a fun morning out with the camera, I took a few hours off to regroup.  Earlier in the day during my exploration I notice a cool old tree along the Lone Cedar Dock.  I knew it would make a good subject at sunset so I returned later that evening and set the camera up for a beautiful landscape capture. The night end and once again I set the alarm for another early sunrise.


The next morning jumped on the golf cart and headed to  Osprey Walk to catch the sunrise on the beach.  As the sun began to rise colors and rays popped producing one of the most beautiful scenes and sky I have ever seen.  They morning concluded with a call to the ferry operator and a return boat ride to the Isle of Palms.  I hope to return to Dewees as soon as possible.

7B1A9861Interested in real estate on Dewees Island?  Call or email me and I will put you in touch with Dunes Properties Dewees Island Real Estate expert,  Judy Fairchild (my host for the weekend).

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