Sullivan’s Island

SI AderondakesSullivan’s Island is a barrier island that consist of approximately 2,000 residents.  I once heard the island described as the Hamptons of the south, because of its expansive coast line, southern living estates and cottages, and blend with nature. On Sullivan’s Island you will find very few vacation rentals and no hotels. The island is a favorite for locals who want to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle it offers and for vacation home owners who own for personal and family use.  Although the commercial district of Sullivan’s Island is small, the local restaurants provide customers some of the best food around.  If you are looking for a lesson in history, make sure to visit Fort Moultrie.

7B1A1533Sullivan’s Island is made up of mostly single-family homes occupied by primary and secondary residents. There are very few short-term rentals and no hotels.  Prices range from $800,000 (fixer upper) to over $5,000,000 for oceanfront.  As a buyer, it is important to know a home not grandfathered in as a vacation rental (short-term), can never be.

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My favorite spot for a quick bite:  Home Team BBQ &  for a nice seafood dinner: Sullivan’s

Dog Rules:

Everyone loves Sparky, but if you want to walk your dog on the beach, there are rules. Click here so you know those rules and avoid a fine.

Map of Sullivan’s Island:

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