South of Broad

7B1A5211South of Broad is known as Charleston’s most exclusive neighborhood, famous for its historic homes like those on Rainbow Row,  and the mansions found on Meeting Street.  South of Broad is filled with rich history and memories from the past.  The area is a popular walking spot among tourist who enjoy peeking into the lavish gardens and admiring the classic architecture found through out.  Traffic slows down in this area, where horse-drawn buggies can be as common as cars.  At the tip of the peninsula, you will find White Point Garden and expansive views of the Charleston Harbor.

South of Broad is mostly made up of single-family homes mixed with primary and secondary residents.  It’s popularity is increasing as a vacation home spot for those who love the shopping and cuisine found downtown.  Fort Sumter House is a popular spot for those who would prefer a condo versus the upkeep of a home.

South of Broad homes typically start at $1,000,000 and go up.  The average home is priced right around $3.5 million.  Condos in the Fort Sumter House go from around $400,000 to $2.5 million.

The best way to see South of Broad:  Walk or take a carriage tour!

A locals spot:  Charleston Beer Exchange

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