Spring day on the Beach

7B1A1906-Edit-EditYesterday was about as nice a day as you will find.  It was tempting to sit around and watch the NCAA tourney games, which I caught some of, but when its 75 with blue skies and the beach is a five-minute it just wasn’t an option.  I could easily chalk it up as Sunday Funday but I won’t since I can’t stand that saying.

Anway,  I grabbed my gear (camera, drone, cell phone) and headed out the door for Sullivan’s Island.  While most people were carrying lawn chairs and coolers out to the beach, I was dragging around camera gear.  I am sure I looked like a dork. The day started with a walk down the beach grabbing some pics with my Canon from my favorite spot, Station 18, and then heading over to the Fort Moultrie Historic Center to fly my drone.


After I was satisfied with all I jumped in the car and headed home to watch the South Carolina Gamecocks reach their first ever Final Four and then walked outside to look for flying pigs, if you know what I mean.


Included are a few captures from the day!

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