Yacht Harbor – Boat Slips

marina picThe Wild Dunes Yacht Harbor is made up of approximately 100 boat slips.  Lengths range from 35 feet to 106 feet and allow for overhang.  Owners are required to pay quarterly dues for common expenses (water, electric).  The fees range from $439 to $1,064 depending on the length of the slip.  Asking prices range from $80,000 to $130,000.

Contact me for a list of available slips.

4 Responses to Yacht Harbor – Boat Slips

  1. James Grant says:

    Interested in a slip at wild dunes

    • James,

      Thanks for your inquiry regarding boat slips in Wild Dunes Yacht Harbor. Is your interest in purchasing a slip? If so, I would be glad to email you a current list of slips available.



  2. Brad L Hunnicutt says:

    Hello Donnie,

    Would like to find out which slips are for sell and pricing. Thank you

    • Hi, Brad. There are currently no slips on the market in the Wild Dunes Yacht Harbor that I know of. Right now to the best of my knowledge the current market value for slips ranges from $125,000 to $150,000. I will write your contact information down and let you know when one hits the market.



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