It’s Hot on the Charleston Coast!


Isle of Palms Pier at Dusk

It’s the first day of August and we just finished one of the hottest July’s I can remember in my 15 years of living in Charleston.   I don’t know why I or anyone would be surprised as we are in Charleston SC and during the summer that’s just how it is.   Now just to be clear I’m really not complaining.  I mean,  I could be living in Oklahoma or Kansas (please don’t take offense if you are one who does). You can move here (like everyone else) and I will find you a home.   But poor me has to live with the every day struggles of Charleston……….

…..the beach, the boat,  beautiful sunrises and sunsets,  wildlife, green marsh grass,  ancient oaks, the beach.  So I guess it could be worse.

One thing that is for certain is that we have crazy, unpredictable weather this time of the year.  One minute it can be sunny and the next minute monster storm clouds move roll through.  Seems to happen everyday.


In other news the real estate market is steady but GOOD inventory is low.  The good stuff goes in days and usually has multiples offers.  Some of the hottest markets I am seeing are Mt. usual.  James Island…..home prices are on the rise.   Charleston outside the peninsula….prices are still good for investors.  West Ashley…Mayor Tecklenburg is on it!  The beach markets are ticking along but not as hot as the primary markets.   Good inventory in the $1.5 to $2.5 price range is needed, and if you own of Ocean Blvd, your home is in demand.  One the IOP several homes have sold this year for over $5 million with the recent closing of 300 Ocean Blvd.    List a beautifully renovated cottage home on Sullivan’s Island and it will move fast.  Condos in Wild Dunes are somewhat stagnant and homes are moving about like always.   Move over to Folly Beach and pick your condo out fast.  Condo’s in Charleston Oceanfront Villas are going fast.  Two sold just last month.  Great oceanviews and two pools will do it.

Until next time….

*All images are mine.  Please do not use without permission.
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Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge Reflection

7B1A1548I am always a little hesitant to take and share photos of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.  It is just one of those landmarks that has been photographed by many and often over played.  But as a Charlestonian you can’t completely ignore it because let’s be honest there is a reason so many have photographed it over the years.

I wanted to do something a little different this time and take it from an angle less photographed as evidenced by a simple “ARJB” google search.   But I also wanted a great water reflection and knew it would be more dramatic at dusk as the bridge lights began to shine.  I found the perfect spot (undisclosed although should be obvious🙂 )  For this to happen I needed high-tide to align perfectly with dusk.   I planned ahead and knew my spot in advance, so the plan was to arrive about an hour early and get set up.   I recently purchased a new Canon 16-35 f4 L ultra-wide lens that I really wanted to use.  But from my spot there would be too much marsh which would be fine in the evening but at night would be too much dark space in the image.  So I decided to throw on my 24-105 to be able to get closer in.  One problem, as I did this my lens fogged up worse that it ever has because it was still cold from sitting inside and the humidity outside.  So, here I was.  The tide was just right, the clouds were great, and the bridge was beginning to light up, and I could barely see through my foggy lens.  I thought it was going to be a mission blown.  But lucky for me I waited things out and my lens cleared, and I got the photo below…..


This image is available for purchase at Donnie Whitaker Photography

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Shem Creek Sunday

7B1A0845Mt. Pleasant has more than it’s share of parks and great places to get on the water without a boat.  One place I frequent is Shem Creek Park located on Shem Creek.  The park is free and open year round and consist of a long boardwalk that extends out to the Charleston Harbor with great marsh and wildlife views along the way.   On any given day and especially on the weekends you will find boaters, kayakers, paddle boarders, etc. moving along the creek.   Shem Creek is also lined with restaurants and bars where locals and tourist can enjoy a bite and a beverage along the water.  All that aside, it is one of my favorite spots to catch the sunset and take photos and also a great place to bird watch. So, next time you are in the area check it out.  It is easy to get to from downtown and only a short drive from Sullivan’s Island or the Isle of Palms.


Both images can be purchased at my photography site

Curious about local real estate?  Feel free to contact me to learn more about home prices and nearby neighborhoods.

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Happy Monday Folks….

Sometimes you just need a day of relaxation at the beach to get recharged for the week ahead.


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One of those Lowcountry Sunsets in the Old Village

There are many great spots on the Charleston Coast to catch amazing sunsets.  Those of us who call Charleston home are lucky enough to be able to experience them.  There are spots where I have watched and photographed many of the years, but it’s always nice to explore and find different and new locations.  I recently moved to the Coleman Blvd. side of Mt. Pleasant which has given me opportunities to do just that in my own back yard (well kind of🙂 ).   Yesterday evening I decided to check out Alhambra Hall located in the Old Village section of Mt. Pleasant.  I arrived just on time as the sun began to set and the cloud formation above made it just perfect.  I captured several images I really like but thought I would share the one below….


Moving to Mt. Pleasant and like what you see?  So do I, but prices in this part of town aren’t cheap.  Old Village is considered to be on of if not the most desirable areas of Mt. Pleasant.  In the Old Village you will find lots of history with classic Southern Living homes, parks,  boutique stores, and drug store, and the sorta famous shops of Pitt St.


Pitt St. in Old Village

Single family vary in pricing and typically start just under $500k for a small ranch home (most likely needs some work) to upwards of $5 million for the home on the water.  That doesn’t mean you must have $5 million to find something nice,  but if you are moving to town with the kids and want what you would probably consider your family residence, you will likely need to be in the million dollar home club to find what you want.

Curious as to whats for sale.  Click on the link here for the current list of homes available.



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