Shem Creek Park in Mt. Pleasant

7B1A9709One of my favorites spots for stress relief is Shem Creek Park in Mt. Pleasant, located off Coleman Blvd.  The park offers a long boardwalk that extends to the end of the boat docks and offers breathtaking views of the Charleston Peninsula and Harbor.   Along with your walk to the end, you will see lots of Lowcountry wildlife, birds, creeks, marsh, dolphins, shrimp boats, boats, paddle boarders, and those outside enjoying the beauty of the Charleston Coast.   Not only all that, but it is one of the best spots in all of Mt. Pleasant to catch an amazing sunset.   After you catch the sunset, you are within a stone throw to several bars and restaurants for a cool evening cocktail and a bite to eat from the day’s local catch.


The area offers a great way of living and there are many nearby options including homes and condos.

*feel free to contact me anytime regarding available property in the area. *original image not for use without permission.
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Airborne – Finally


Intracoastal Waterway – Isle of Palms

It has probably been a year since I first started thinking about purchasing a quadcopter (drone geeks say don’t call it a drone).   Having one has its benefits for someone like me who is not only a Realtor but also a photographer.  It allows me to get aerial photos not only for my on listings but also for other agents listings and vacation rentals.  Not only that, as a seasoned fine art photographer, I am now able to capture different perspectives/views from some of the same areas I have been photographing by land for years.


Isle of Palms at Breach Inlet

Now, the initial learning process hasn’t been smooth as butter.  I received in the mail 2 months ago the new DJI Phantom 4 Pro with the improved 20MP mechanical shutter that allows me to control things like shutter speed and aperture.  Getting started and learning how to fly wasn’t so difficult, but the technical side of using the DJI app and issues the arise has been a bit frustrating, as someone who is not a tech geek and therefore having to learn on the go.  As a matter of fact, I am on my second DJI P4P since my first one crapped out.  The good news is that after a 3 week (seemed longer) wait, DJI in California sent me back a brand new one, that has its quirks as well.


Old Village  – Mt. Pleasant

To be clear, I have no regrets on buying it and like I mentioned above, it is going to have its benefits.  The thing is addictive, fun and scary at the same time.  For now, I have to continue to learn and pass my 107 FAA exam to be able to fly it commercially (for profit). Until then hobby away!

I leave you with some photos of mine from the Old Village Mt. Pleasant and the Isle of Palms.

*all images are original and not for use without permission.
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Fog on Shem Creek

One of my favorites spots in all of Mt. Pleasant is Shem Creek Park.  I often work from home which means I have to get out of the house several times a day to not go stir crazy. Smoke from the unfortunate forest fires in Western North Carolina has consumed much of the lowcountry and given the area a really cool (IMO) hazy/foggy look that can make a nice mood for outdoor photography.  I knew a little wind (meaning calm waters good for reflection) and a touch of haze would make for a perfect shrimp boat setting on the creek.  I grabbed my camera just at sunset and headed out to find the ideal setting for my shot.


Visit my photography site for print options or just to browse other beautiful images from the Charleston Lowcountry.


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Supermoon Over the Isle of Palms

The most anticipated and closest to the earth supermoon in 68 years went down last night on the Isle of Palms….and the rest of the world too.   I, along with several hundred other folks, stormed the beach early to claim a spot on the sand.  After about an hour of waiting, the supermoon began to rise casting an orange reflection on the shoreline and light in the sky. While not as big as I was expecting (the media hype machines fault) and not a whole lot different from other supermoons I have seen, it was still a site for the eyes and a thing of beauty.  The image below was taken as the sun began its rise on the Isle of Palms with folks watching from the Isle of Palms Pier.


Fine Art Prints are available for purchase at Donnie Whitaker Photography.

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Fall Trip to the Mountains

7b1a5947I am fortunate to have a family mountain house within a short drive to Pisgah National Forest and the Blue Ridge Parkway/Mountains.  I try to go as much as possible, but work makes it hard to go as much as I would like.  If there is one time of the year I won’t miss not matter what, it’s Fall.   Charleston is nice in the fall, but you can’t beat the amazing natural color of Autumn in the mountains.

This year the leaves started to turn a little later than usual as October temperatures were warmer than usual.  I started my exploration at higher elevations since leaves always change color from top to bottom.  The first couple of days were spent up on the Blue Ridge and then lower is Pisgah National Forest toward the end of the week.  We found some beautiful scenery up high just off the parkway, down low on several different trails, and some of the BEST colors in our own backyard.


Once again Fall in the mountains didn’t disappoint.  On my drive back to Charleston the temperature went from a cool, brisk, 75 degrees to a warm, humid, 88.  I guess I shouldn’t complain though, I mean it’s really not so bad having to leave the mountains for the beach.

All images are originals.  For purchase options check out Donnie Whitaker Photography

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