Whatever it Takes…….

DJI_0129-EditA few mornings ago I forced myself out off the bed, rubbed the cobwebs from my eyes and poured a much-needed cup of coffee.  I grabbed my bag (with my drone) and headed out the door for one of my favorite local spots to catch the sunrise,  Shem Creek Park.   My plan was to fly my drone to about 350 feet, fly back as far as I could for a wide angle capture, and then go home with an award winning image to edit ( I joke).  As I was getting in the position I noticed a shrimp boat named the Sea Horse pulling out of the dock and immediately got in position to snap a few picks before it was out of my site and while the composition was right.  I got what I got (image below) and then flew higher up to get the shot I set out for.  It turned out after getting home that by far the best capture was the one I shot at a lower elevation of the shrimp boat heading out to sea.


Later on that day I posted the image on Facebook where it has received 32 shares and I have had numerous people ask about purchasing a print, etc.   Which leads me to my headline.  As some of you might know, in August of 2016 the FAA ruled that in order to be compensated for drone work whether it be for real estate photography or just selling an image, you have to pass the FAA 107 test.  I have BEEN trying to so hard to find the motivation to study and think  I have finally found it.   After all, studying is no fun, but turning down money is not easy.  Hopefully, I’ll have it soon, but until then, I’ll play by the rules 🙂  Wish me luck!

*visit my photography site at Donnie Whitaker Photography for more images and print options from the Charleston Coast.

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Something about Shrimp Boats

There is something about photographing shrimp boats that never gets old to me.  While boats continue to modernize, they seem to maintain the traditional look they have had since the beginning.   This image was captured on a glassy day on Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasant, SC. just at dusk.  Still, water always makes for a great reflection and the color has a feel of an Indian Summer which makes this image different than others I have captured over the years.


*Visit my photography site for available print options and other beautiful photos of the Charleston Coast.

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Exploring the creeks of the Charleston Lowcountry

DJI_0054-EditI recently shared a photo (that I will share here) named”The Art of Nature”.    I call it natural art because when flying over the green marsh and creeks of the Charleston Lowcountry you see the beautiful shapes created in the creeks that zig zag throughout creating in what my opinion could be an artist painting an abstract.   It is an adventure to explore and be able to see what we can’t realize when visualizing from the ground.  Here are a few photos I have taken over the last couple of weeks that display just what I am talking about.


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Bridge Run Week

It’s that time of the year again for the Cooper River Bridge Run.  It’s also that time of the year that I will be staying as far away from the traffic as I can.   With that said, what better time to post a beautiful aerial shot of the bridge just days before 80,000 + runners will cross it in hopes of beating the Kenyans.  Good luck to all the racers!



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Spring day on the Beach

7B1A1906-Edit-EditYesterday was about as nice a day as you will find.  It was tempting to sit around and watch the NCAA tourney games, which I caught some of, but when its 75 with blue skies and the beach is a five-minute it just wasn’t an option.  I could easily chalk it up as Sunday Funday but I won’t since I can’t stand that saying.

Anway,  I grabbed my gear (camera, drone, cell phone) and headed out the door for Sullivan’s Island.  While most people were carrying lawn chairs and coolers out to the beach, I was dragging around camera gear.  I am sure I looked like a dork. The day started with a walk down the beach grabbing some pics with my Canon from my favorite spot, Station 18, and then heading over to the Fort Moultrie Historic Center to fly my drone.


After I was satisfied with all I jumped in the car and headed home to watch the South Carolina Gamecocks reach their first ever Final Four and then walked outside to look for flying pigs, if you know what I mean.


Included are a few captures from the day!

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