Yacht Harbor Villas

Yacht HarborThese condominiums are surrounded by lush vegetation and offer great views of the yacht harbor, hence the name.  Yacht Harbor Villas are made up of  2o units, 8 of which are quarter shares, and 12 of which are whole ownership.  Owners and guest have access to a pool that has a Coasta Rican feel. Each unit comes with a covered parking space.

Ownership fees & coverage:

Quarter shares:  all inclusive, lights, water, phone, cable, housekeeping, WDCA annual fee, MCHOA annual fee, property taxes, property insurance, & exterior common expenses included.

Quarterly fees range from $1,633.78 to $2,098.97 .   Morgan Creek Harbor Association Fee  – House and lot w/ no dock or bulkhead = $1133 per year. House and lot with dock or bulkhead = $1700 per year.

Whole owned:  includes exterior common expenses and property insurance.

Quarterly fee is $2,450.94

Yacht Harbor Villa prices range from $350,000 to $550,000.

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