Keeping an Eye on Charleston, SC

I really don’t get downtown enough these days with my photography and have plans to change that.  I consider myself more of a landscape photographer than a cityscape type photographer but as beautiful as the beach and coastal waterways are sometimes it’s good to switch things up.  I set out (early) yesterday morning to capture something different than I have before.  I have shot quite a bit at Waterfront Park, the Battery, etc. but haven’t done much within the city itself.   Because I use my DSLR camera all the time I decided to a break from it and leave it at home and get creative with the drone.  Charleston, “aka” as the Holy City, gets the name from its churches, so I decided I wanted to do something with a church and the city.    My goal was to time the image so that there was a great color in the sky and the city lights still on, including the one in St. Michaels Church Steeple.  The final result is below.  Enjoy!

St Michaels 3

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