What’s with the Carolopolis Award?

If you have ever walked around historic Charleston, you have noticed a small round plaque found on many of it’s historic homes and buildings.  This plaque is known as the Carolopolis Award.  But what is it exactly and what does it mean?

7B1A8796As anyone knows,  historic preservation is a very important part of maintaining Charleston’s historical integrity and look.  In 1953 an award was created to honor exterior preservation, restoration, rehabilitation and new construction in the City of Charleston.  Since it’s creation, the Preservation Society of Charleston has recognized 1,309 owners with this award.

On the award (as seen the photo above)  you will find the Latin word Condita which refers to founding and also find two dates.  The first date (1670) refers to the cities founding, and the second date refers to the year the award was given.

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