Exploring Sullivan’s Island

7B1A0008The Charleston Coast is made of up several beaches.  On the north side of Charleston you have Folly Beach and Kiawah Island, on the south side of Charleston you have the Isle of Palms, Wild Dunes Resort, and Sullivan’s Island.  All of the beaches are unique in their own way, and as someone who has lived in Charleston for over 15 years, I have certainly spent plenty of timing exploring them all.   I go through periods where for reasons one beach will be my beach of the week or month, and then that will get old and I will move on to the next.

As it goes, my beach of choice right now is Sullivan’s Island.   Sullivan’s Island has been called the Hampton’s of the south for it’s large yards, classic beach cottages, and dare I say, home prices ($1 million to $6 million).  But aside from that it’s a laid back island, it’s an island for locals, second home owners, and nature lovers.  On Sullivan’s Island you won’t find many beach rentals, or high rise hotels, and there are only a few condos.


The main area attracts locals and tourist from all around, with it’s home grown restaurants and shops.   If you travel to the southern tip of the island you will find Fort. Moultrie, a site of the American Revolution and Civil War.  If you walk the beaches, you will find wild dunes,  miles of sand, wildlife, and sanctuary.   Sullivan’s Island is also home to the last major lighthouse built by the federal government, which still operates today and can be seen miles away.

Sunsets from Sullivan’s Island are beautiful.  One of my favorite spots to watch the sunset SI Aderondakesis at the southern end of the island just past Fort Moultrie.   Turn left on Station 12 and there is a small public parking lot that leads right out to the beach.  In the summer it can get crowded, but in the off season, you are almost always going to find a spot.  Park your car and walk south.  From there you will get a great view of the city of Charleston, the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, and a great sunset!

After you watch the sunset, you will probably be ready for a bite to eat.  Here are some suggestions of mine….

7B1A9264-2Here are my favorite spots to eat on the island.  There is not need to get all dressed up on SI.  Heck, take your dog to dinner with you (not all restaurants of course, ask).  I’m not fancy, and if you are like me, I would suggest these.

Home Team BBQ –  South Carolina mustard based BBQ, smoked chicken and turkey, burgers, and more.

Poes Tavern – Best burgers in town IMO.  They also have great fish tacos!

Sullivan’s Restaurant  –  I love their fried shrimp.  Great place for seafood.

Obstinate Daughter – A wide variety of delicious food.

Dunleavy’s Pub–  One of Sullivan’s Islands original spots.  Dunleavy’s Irish Pub has been serving up good bites for years.

If you are a history buff, make sure to take a tour of Fort Moultrie.

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