Highlight on Grand Pavilion in Wild Dunes

7B1A8541Would you like waking up to this view in the morning?  I know I would.   The view you see is from one of many homes located in the Grand Pavilion section of Wild Dunes.   Location, location, location!  If you desire a short walk to the beach, being close to many of the restaurants, shops, the fitness center, the Harbor Course Pro Shop, bike shop, and tennis center, than Grand Pavilion might just be for you.

The area is made up of single-family homes, boardwalk homes, and Sea Cottage homes.  Although prices vary, you can usually get in the low $700’s with prices reaching as high as $2 million for updated oceanfront.   Owners have access to two pools located at the Boardwalk Pavilion and easy path access to the beach.  Comparatively speaking, regime fees are low ranging from $152 per quarter for single homes and $258 per quarter for boardwalk homes, to $255 monthly for Seaside homes.  7B1A9050

For an investor, it doesn’t get much better. Because of their location and perfect size for the whole family, these homes typically rent well year round.  The Sweetgrass Pavilion (meeting center) is across the street making them ideal in the offseason for business guest in town for meetings.

Interested in current (dated May 11, 2016 and will change) list of property for sale in Grand Pavilion?  If so, click on the link below.

For Sale in Grand Pavilion

Not looking to buy but looking to rent?   You are in luck.  As a matter of fact, the view you see above is from one of Dunes Properties Vacation Rentals.  Click below to search rentals.

Wild Dunes Vacation Rentals

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