Isle of Palms Morning

Life has been busy lately.  Between showing homes (hopefully selling too) and real estate shoots, I haven’t had much time to get out with the camera for myself.  In landscape photography you are given what mother nature gives you, that is what makes it so exciting. I have apps like The Photographers Empheremis, Storm, Tide Graph, etc. to look at conditions before setting out, and sometimes they tell me not too.  Last night they told me not to, but I decided to suck it up and head out early anyway.  With mostly clouds in the sky it wasn’t going to be one of our Charleston Coast spectacular sunrises, but an ocean scene on the Isle of Palms is always still beautiful and I felt with a little creativity I could still get a nice image.

The image below was shot at 75 seconds using a 10 stop neutral density filter.  An ND filter allows you to increase your exposure time without the image being overblown/exposed.  Cloudy days are great for long-exposures so that is what I went with.  Cloudy days are also great for black and whites which I posted one of on my photography site.


Interested in owning a home or condo on the Isle of Palms?  Currently asking prices for condos on the Isle of Palms (including Wild Dunes) range from $114,900 to $1,770,000.   If you would prefer a single-family home, prices range from $285,000 (including Goat Island) to $5,300,000.

Contact me at (843) 607.0954 or by email at for more information or to discuss options.

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