Oceanfront Living on the Isle of Palms

ImageWhen considering buying oceanfront property on the Isle of Palms there are choices.  Where do you want to be?  I like to think of the Isle of Palms oceanfront as 5 main areas.  You have Ocean Blvd, Palm Blvd, 42nd Ave through 57th Ave., and then the oceanfront homes located in Wild Dunes on Beachwood East, Dunescrest Lane, and Ocean Point.

Ocean Blvd. is known as millionaires row and found on the most southern end of the Isle of Palms.  This section of the Isle of Palms shares the street with front beach that includes the long time popular bar and music venue the Wind Jammer. As you head south down Ocean Blvd and get away from front beach you will find beautiful homes sitting on lots ranging from half and acre up to an acre and a half.  Prices vary depending on the size of the homes, age of the home and also size of the lot. The largest lots (1.5 acres) sit toward the end of Ocean Blvd, but some stay away from this end due to it’s proximity to Breach Inlet and heavy currents. However, if you are looking for a killer view, it will be found.

Ocean Boulevard Oceanfront Listings

1307141 – Details: 116 OCEAN BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $2,995,000
1312226 – Details: 502 OCEAN BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $2,995,000
2906137 – Details: 620 OCEAN BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $2,999,000
1312279 – Details: 604 OCEAN BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $3,495,000
1310312 – Details: 914 OCEAN BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $3,800,000
1101621 – Details: 810 OCEAN BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $3,949,000
1312240 – Details: 110 OCEAN BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $3,995,000
1312561 – Details: 118 OCEAN BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $4,250,000
1212102 – Details: 202 OCEAN BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $4,500,000
1305355 – Details: 114 OCEAN BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $4,900,000

Palm Blvd. is found to the left of Ocean Blvd or Isle of Palms Connector.  Palm Blvd. is a very popular area for tourist, vacationers, and home buyers. Although there is more traffic on Palm Blvd. than it’s next door neighbor Ocean Blvd., many people like it’s proximity to Wild Dunes and the Isle of Palms Marina.  The homes on Palm Blvd. sit further back than those on Ocean because of deed restricted lots given to each owner sometime back.   Some of the lots are the size of a football field and great for practicing your golf swing as well as providing great, expansive, ocean views from your back deck.

Large Oceanfront Lot on Palm Blvd

Palm Blvd Oceanfront Listings

1226252 – Details: 4006 PALM BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $1,659,900
1227363 – Details: 2610 PALM BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $2,375,000
1009454 – Details: 2106 PALM BLVD., ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $2,800,000
1102193 – Details: 2106 PALM BLVD., ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $2,800,000
1312185 – Details: 2708 PALM BLVD, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $3,490,000

On the northern part of Palm Blvd you will find the quiet cul-de-sac streets running from 42nd Ave. to 57th Ave.  These streets are desirable because there is no through traffic. Now, not every home on 42nd to 57th is oceanfront, but the homes at the end of the street are. The most traffic you will find here is pedestrians walking from their home to get to the public beach access found at the end of each street. However, it is so little that it’s hardly noticeable. One other thing to note is that some of these homes although not inside of the gates, are part of Wild Dunes which allows Wild Dunes member privileges without the requirement of having to pay an HOA fee or any regimes fees.

42nd – 57th Ave Oceanfront Listings

1228063 – Details: 1 50TH AVE, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $3,200,000
1309231 – Details: 2 52ND AVE, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $3,985,000

Once you are inside the gates you will find Beachwood East and Dunecrest Ln.  These streets run oceanfront and consist of a total of 19 oceanfront lots.  Both streets are quiet and located inside of the gates of Wild Dunes.  Owners here are in walking or biking distance to many of the amenities in Wild Dunes like the Harbor Course Pro Shop and award winning tennis center.  As an owner you would be required to pay an annual HOA fee to the community association.

Beachwood East and Dunescrest Lane Oceanfront Listings

1125264 – Details: 14 BEACHWOOD E, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $1,750,000

ocean point

Golf Course & Ocean View from Ocean Point Home

Ocean Point is located at the very northern tip of Wild Dunes Resort.  Ocean Point is a gated community inside of Wild Dunes where oceanfront owners enjoy scenic views of the 17th and 18th holes of the Links Golf course and Atlantic Ocean. Owners in Ocean Point have access to a neighborhood pool and are in walking distance to the Links Course Clubhouse.

Ocean Point Oceanfront Listings

1303189 – Details: 42 OCEAN POINT, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $1,299,000
1301370 – Details: 58 OCEAN POINT, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $2,995,000
1306988 – Details: 54 OCEAN POINT, ISLE OF PALMS, SC – $4,400,000

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