Real Estate Photography – It Matters

7B1A1533Nothing kills me more than seeing a million dollar home listed with an agent who offers nothing more than photos from his/her cell phone or point and click camera.  Yet, it happens all the time.  Most, and I say most, agents are hiring professional photographers these days as they should be, but some are still managing to get away with low quality images.

Let me stop for a second and apologize for my rant.  But here it goes.  The other day I saw a beautiful home on the Isle of Palms listed for a little over $2 million.  I have a few clients who could be interested in the listing and my usual move is to send them an MLS link to the home.  When I pulled up the listing and naturally clicked on the photos, I was greeted by crooked, blurry, over exposed images.  A few of them were so dark you couldn’t tell what it was you were looking out.  So with less excitement,  I proceeded to email my client the link apologizing for another agents lack of service to their client.  Continue reading below…7B1A6006

Most people start their home search online.  Zillow, Trulia,,  etc. receive millions of hits each day.  And to no ones surprise the first thing those searching do is look at the photos.  If they like what they see, they will go read the agents notes on the property and other details.  As the saying goes, “first impressions are everything.”  If you are listing your home, whether with me, or another agent, make sure to ask what photos service will be provided.  If the agent tells you they can take good photos with their cell phone, insist they hire a professional or take it upon yourself to find another agent.

7B1A0995Here is quick plug for myself.  Not only am I a full-time Realtor, I am also a professional photographer.  This might be one of the reasons the topic is such a pet peeve of mine.  So, as your agent and would also be your photographer.  Whats that mean?  It means I will pay utmost detail to each and every image as I am not done once the photos are uploaded,  I still have a job to do, sell your home.  Below is a good read on the importance of GOOD real estate photos.

Forbes – Photos of Your Home Matter in Real Estate

*all images are mine. homes seen are listed/sold by various MLS participants.

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