A Wild Dunes Sunset

7B1A4472As some of you may know,  I am a hobby photographer who loves to shoot outdoor scenes. One thing people rarely think about is the importance the sky plays in a landscape photograph, and how clouds can make the viewers experience that much better.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time, or setting up an waiting things out.

My office is on the Isle of Palms,  located just a few minutes from the entrance to Wild Dunes.  There are plenty of great spots to photograph on the island, but one my favorites is on the bridge between Morgan Creek Dr. and Waterway Island Dr. in Wild Dunes.  As I was leaving the office the other evening I noticed a really cool cloud formation and decided to head to this spot with my Canon 5D Mark III to take a look (lucky to have my camera). Little did I know I would end up shooting the best sunset I had ever seen from that spot.   Between 5:30-6,  I watched the sky change from blue to orange and snapped about 20 images.  In each image you will notice the roll the sky and clouds play in the reflection on the water.   Below are two images shot from the beginning and end of that time period.



For more Charleston area photographs visit my photography site nash3photography or Instagram Page.  To find your dream home in Wild Dunes contact me at (843) 607.0954 or send an email message to dwhitaker@dunesproperties.com

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