Harris Teeter Open for Business on the Isle of Palms

HTIOPBRIGHTWhile the opening of a Harris Teeter is rarely blog worthy, at least in my opinion, it’s opening on the Isle of Palms is.  For years Isle of Palms residents and vacationers have crossed the Isle of Palms connector to grocery shop.  Yes, there was the Red and White, but most did not feel it adequate for full on shopping.

I made my first trip the new Harris Teeter the other day and left impressed.  I was first greeted by the friendly staff and then proceeded to walk around the store in awe.  At first I have to admit it felt a little strange being in a Harris Teeter on the Isle of Palms.  I know, it’s just a Harris Teeter, but the feeling I got was that it was more as something so simple can bring a community together and make the area feel all that more sophisticated.  I am sure that was my first of many visits to the store.

by Donnie Whitaker

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