Huge Price Reductions at Sawyer’s Landing!

If you are looking for a quality product, great marsh and intracoastal waterway views, an amazing location, and townhomes priced to sell, than look no further. The townhomes at Sawyer’s Landing in Mt. Pleasant are just what you are looking for.

The prices have just been reduced significantly! Look below to find the before and after:

Townhome #
A1 $749,000 to $489,000
A2 $744,000 to $479,000
A3 $779,000 to $485,000
A4 $915,000 to $779,000
A5 $799,000 to $575,000
A6 $799,000 to $575,000
A7 Sold
A8 Sold
A9 $869,000 to $699,000
A10 $925,000 to $789,000
A11 $935,000 to $799,000
A12 $799,000 to $535,000
A13 Under Contract
A14 Sold
B15 $649,000
C16 $699,000
C17 $684,000

For more information about Sawyer’s Landing in Mt. Pleasant please contact me at 843.607.0954 or send an email to .

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