Mt. Pleasant Home Prices Holding Steady.

If you listen to the news long enough, they will have you believing all real estate markets are bad. That is not necessarily the case in the Charleston area and in Mt. Pleasant.

In Mt. Pleasant, inventory is decreasing, the average home sale price is holding steady, and now is the time to buy. Much of the reason the Mt. Pleasant and Charleston market has remained steady is due to the fact it is a coastal and destination market. Many of the so called baby boomers will continue to buy in the area due to location, and over time the inventory supply will continue to decrease pushing prices back up.

While we have seen some decline in area prices, much of this is just a fix from unrealistic asking prices once set by short term investors. Now is not the time to flip, but if you can hold long term, now would be a smart time to buy. Interest rates are at a forty year low and the buyer has much to chose from. The Charleston area market is still strong and will remain strong with time.

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