Bids Received for Wild Dunes Beach Renourishment

Yesterday the three bids for the Wild Dunes beach renourishment project were received. The City council will be voting formally at a special meeting next week to accept and notify the winning bidder. The company that will most likely get the winning bid, has the larger pumping machine and can begin immediately. When I say immediately that doesn’t mean tomorrow but as soon as the bid if formalized (next week) this company whose equipment is currently in New Orleans can began mobilizing and they tell us it will take two to three weeks to move the pumping barges and pipes up here. The actual pumping of sand should begin toward the end of May and barring any unforeseen problems (mostly weather related) they expect to have completed the total beach renourishment in two months or by the end of July. The pump runs 24/7 and the line will be coming in at the Property Owners Beach House site. One other item not formally resolved is receiving the written notification from the Army Corps of Engineers that we can proceed – we have been told that everything is okay by the Corps but not in writing yet. When the project is done we will see right around 200 feet of beach both ways.

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